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Valued Industry Partnership Programme


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SmartAge WellCare Services Valued Industry Partnership Programme is a partnership programme by invitation from SmartAge WellCare Services to prospective companies to establish a mutually beneficial relationship in representing a diverse network with major corporations to establish strategic partnerships.



The Valued Industry Partnership Programme provides the following benefits to the Valued Industry Partners (VIP):


1. Educational Programmes and Events
Priority invitation to Educational Programmes and Events organized by SmartAge WellCare Services.

2. Cross Sales
Driving traffic and sales to both and more parties. The company receives exclusive access to advertise* its products, services and promotions through SmartAge WellCare Services to its guests, affiliates, and business partners through either mailing, websites or social networking.
(*subject to ads approval)

3. FREE VIP Membership

The company, its employees and their family members get FREE VIP Membership Card* (worth RM20 membership renewal fees per annum) to enjoy the discounted rates for products and services offered by SmartAge WellCare Services and its industry partners.

(*all individuals are required to fill out the VIP Membership Application Form)

4. Property Rental
The guests get the priority service to transfer and move to any of our managed properties* without early termination penalty as long as they are continuing their stay within the tenancy period.
(*subject to the new property rental rates and its availability)

5. Referral Fees
The company and its employees get the exclusive access (or by invitation) to our Valued Referral Programme (VRP)* that allows the company or individuals to earn up to RM180 referral fees per confirmed rental booking.
(*This programme is subject to application and approval)




1. Who can join SmartAge WellCare Services Valued Industry Partnership Program ?
The program is by invitation only and is offered to any registered business within Malaysia or Outside Malaysia.


2. How to become a SmartAge WellCare Services VIP?
Fill out the form here to show your interest and we will correspond with you further.

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